Why Wiseman’s Home Improvement?


So, you are planning to do a remodel of one of the rooms in your home. Maybe you don’t feel so confident about taking it all on by yourself. You probably don’t have a ton of free time, or just want to make sure it is all expertly done. So you think about your options. Should you just head over to the nearby chain home improvement box store? Or look into some local options that specialize in helping you as an individual?

We know you have a lot of options for whom to trust with your home improvement projects. So why should you choose A Wiseman’s Home Improvement over that big box store?

6 reasons Wiseman’s is your best bet for any home improvement project:

  1. We Have Our Priorities Straight – At a big box store, you are just one customer out of millions. They don’t have the time, resources, or desire (quite frankly) to pay attention to all of their customers as individuals. Since we are small, we can really focus on YOU. We listen to exactly what you want, and work with you to get you the room you have been dreaming of. We are able to help you get your home improvement project finished quicker and better because you are our priority.
  2. Team of Experts – When you visit a big box store, and ask for someone’s help, what happens? I bet you walk around a massive warehouse, being shown about 10 different things that you aren’t looking for. Then the staff member inevitably ends up calling someone else in for help that will hopefully understand your needs. If the staff at their store exhibits a certain level of knowledge and expertise, what do you expect when you hire them for a home improvement project? It’s a scary thought! All of our team members are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to help you out with anything you need. Their sole purpose is to make sure you get exactly what you are dreaming of.
  3. Always High Quality – Box stores stock too much cheap, low quality materials these days. You think you are getting a great deal, until you get home and your “great deal” breaks after a couple of months. We hand select all of our products to ensure the best quality possible. We know you want and deserve the best quality for your dollar, and we are all about getting that to you at the best price available. We will never sell you cheap junk at a high mark up.  You will be proud to showcase your newly renovated room because we stand behind our work and our products.
  4. Family Owned & Operated – The big box stores don’t have a consistent sense of values of family. You might get one store managed by someone who has your best interest at heart, but across the board, that usually isn’t the case. We have been family owned and operated since the beginning. You can take pride in the fact that you hired a locally ran family business. We also base the foundation of our company on strong Christian values and morals. We will never do subpar work, or overcharge. A Wiseman’s Home Improvement is a company you can trust!
  5. Great Prices – Big box stores always have the lowest prices since they are so big, right? WRONG! You tell us your budget, and we will make it work. We are known for accommodating budgets of all sizes! We frequently check our prices, and are the most affordable full service contractor out there! We offer high quality services and products at extremely affordable prices. Though we are small, we have a massive selection and are confident we can get you exactly what you are looking for, at an amazing price.
  6. Flexible – Does “We will arrive sometime between 9am and 6pm” sound familiar? Just try getting a big box store to accommodate you, or work around your schedule. GOOD LUCK! Since we are a small, local, family owned company, we can work around you. Your unique needs and schedule are our priority. We are a full service contractor, so we take care of everything for you, on your schedule.

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Those are just some of the reasons to choose A Wiseman’s Home Improvement and avoid the big box stores from the start. Just give us a call and see for yourself why we are the wise choice. You can schedule a free consultation today!

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